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Dental Exams & Cleanings

Make Dental Exams and Cleanings
A Regular Part of Your Routine

The foundation of good oral health is good oral hygiene. Brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing daily are two important habits that play a huge role in keeping your mouth healthy and happy, but so are regular dentist visits.

When most people think of visiting the dentist they think of fillings and tooth extractions, but a huge part of your dental team’s work is preventative care. Our ultimate goal is to help you keep your teeth and gums healthy in the first place, but to do that we need to see you for regular dental exams and cleanings.

All of our services are performed by a general dentist.

How Often Should I Visit the Dentist?

You should go for a dentist appointment every six months on average. These twice yearly exams are a great time for your dentist to help you tackle plaque build up in hard to brush areas and help you ensure your current dental hygiene routine is meeting all your daily dental needs.

Even if you brush and floss regularly you should still get your teeth cleaned by a professional every six months. Dental practices have the skills and tools necessary to clean your teeth thoroughly, and reach those places you might miss during your regular brushings at home.

A professional cleaning removes plaque from small crevices and spaces that you might not be able to get with an ordinary toothbrush and floss, giving your teeth the most thorough clean possible.

Most appointments begin with scaling. Scaling is when the dental hygienist uses a small metal tool to scrape tartar and plaque from your teeth and below the gumline.

Next, your dental hygienist will probably give your teeth a good brushing and flossing. Dental hygienists use a special gritty toothpaste, and their professional flossing skills, to give your teeth a thorough cleaning and get any hard to reach places you might normally miss.

After a quick rinse your dental hygienist may apply a fluoride treatment to your teeth and gums. Fluoride is important because it acts as a sealant, protecting your teeth from decay and cavities.

Gum disease can cause significant problems for your oral health. We proudly use the Perio Protect® system to help treat and prevent gum disease. Perio Protect uses self-sealing plastic mouthguards to apply medicine directly to your teeth and gums. These mouthguards (Perio Trays) help reach all the spaces between your teeth and gums where bacteria can hide and cause damage.

Used in combination with a strong dental hygiene routine and regular dental cleanings, the Perio Protect® system allows you to help fight gum disease at home on a daily basis.

Learn more about the Perio Protect® System.

What Goes On During a Dental Appointment?

Your satisfaction and comfort are one of our top priorities. If visiting the dentist makes you anxious we will do our best to help you remain calm and comfortable during your exam.

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The purpose of a dental exam is to check on your mouth, teeth and gums and make sure they are healthy. During your exam your dentist will inspect each tooth and check for signs of decay, damage or disease. He or she will also test your bite to ensure that your jaws and teeth are properly aligned.

Your dentist will also look beyond your mouth and check in regarding your full body health. This might include an oral cancer scan, a blood pressure check and a full review of your medical history with you.

Your dentist might also take some x-rays, depending on the last time you had them done. X-rays are an important tool that give your dentist insight into the health and structure of your jaws and teeth below the gumline.

Even if your teeth and gums are healthy it is important to visit your dentist regularly. Dentists are trained to detect oral health issues before you are likely to notice them. If you dentist sees something is amiss he or she can begin preventative treatment right away. It is always easier to prevent problems before they arise than try and fix the problem after the fact.

Dental exams empower you, and allow you to take a proactive approach to your oral health.

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